Stop practicing random acts of learning tech

Find out how to build your learning ecosystem with purpose

With business evolving at breakneck speed, and ever-changing expectations around learning and development (L&D), the time is right to be thinking about learning technology as an ecosystem.

Priyanka Mehrotra and Dani Johnson from RedThread Research interviewed over 30 learning leaders to gain insights into their thinking around learning technology ecosystems.

Download the report to read all the findings, including:

  • The challenges L&D leaders face in choosing and implementing technologies (and their best ideas for doing it better)
  • How putting a solid philosophy in place increases the potential for the success of an ecosystem
  • Why learning technology ecosystems are not a one-and-done activity (they need constant care and feeding)
  • Why it's more important than ever to not just vet learning tech, but also the vendors who make the tech
  • Plus, see visualizations of the actual learning tech ecosystems of companies like Shopify and Airbnb

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